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Our free pension calculator gives you everything you need to plan when you can retire.
Estimates the income tax you need to pay to give you the after tax income that you want.
Helps you understand an estimate of your life expectancy, showing you how long you may need your retirement income for.
Allows for expected inflation on the income you want if preferred.
Allows you to set aside some of your pension pot to pass on, or put aside, in case things don't go to plan.
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How does Guiide help?

Saving up for and taking a retirement income is like riding a bike up and down a bumpy hill. When you are young or very old, any bumps don't matter too much. But 10 years before or after you retire those bumps can have a big effect. We show you how Guiide can help prepare you better during this key period.

Avoid Pension Scams

The FCA has recently created their scamsmart website to help individuals identify pension scams. Alternatively watch this video to ensure you understand how potential scams may occur and how to avoid them from our friends at Quietroom.

Pension Basics

Pensions don't need to be complicated. Whether you're looking to set up your first pension savings or brush up your knowledge, let us take you through the basics to help you understand some of the things you'll need to know to make an informed decision.

Take advantage of pension freedoms

The sole purpose of Guiide is to help people take advantage of the pension freedoms as easy as possible, whilst reducing the risk they run out of money in retirement. This should not be something people have to pay for, if they wish to do it themselves.

The aim is that it will always be free to anyone you wishes to use it.

Keep more of your money

Guiide shows you how to make your plan more tax efficient, where possible, so you pay less in tax and keep more of your money.

Guiide also shows you how to save money using a low cost provider. This is to make it as easy as possible to put everything together to give you what you want in retirement by following the tax efficient plan you have made using Guiide.

After building your plan, see how much you can save over your plan's lifetime by putting this in place with a low cost provider and keep more of your money.

Free to choose

You are completely free to take your plan from Guiide and choose any provider to put your plan in place with if you prefer to do so, rather than any that Guiide suggests.

What data do we need?

Your data is completely safe with Guiide.

The only data we request are amounts of pensions, savings and income to enable Guiide to undertake your calculations and design your retirement income.

Guiide never asks for sensitive information on where your pensions or savings are, account or policy numbers as it does not need this to perform the calculations. This means there is no risk of any loss of sensitive account or policy information.

Guiide asks for an email address to verify you are a real person, but will never send you spam or other unwanted emails.

What data do we share?

Guiide will never share any of your data with anyone, unless you explicitly ask us to share the calculations themselves in order to help put your plan in place with a provider.

Any data which is provided is fully secure with industry leading encryption.

Our terms

To read the full terms of our data policy click here.

Guiide Protect you from running out of money in retirement

It does this by testing to see if your pots would likely run out given what you want to take.

If you are expected to run out of money, you can solve this easily and adjust your plan to avoid this happening.

You can see how your money is expected to run down over your retirement years and set aside any money that you want to protect if you prefer.

You can also test what happens when things do not go as expected and adjust your plan if any of these outcomes are a concern for you.

Once your plan is in place, you can track it easily to see if it is still expected to work out.