Guiide was thought up, built and designed by us with the sole aim of helping you to improve your retirement outcome at no cost.

Pensions are complex, but they should be simple. Their only purpose is to provide you with the income you want when you retire.

When the pension freedoms were introduced, individuals suddenly had a lot more choice when they reached retirement as to how to take all the pension pots they had built up. Many are now taking, or planning to take, advantage of these freedoms, which is great.

However, accessing these freedoms brings with it the risk of not getting the income you want in retirement, paying lots of tax by taking it all out at once, or worse still, running out of money.

Financial advice can help and we believe everyone would benefit from this and recommend people seek it. However, for many people this advice appears expensive or is just not available. Currently a large proportion of people who access the pension freedoms and take their money flexibly do not take advice.

Given this, we believe that many people would benefit from having the right tools to plan and manage their retirement income themselves, rather than just wing it with no plan.

Guiide cannot offer advice, but the calculations it provides allow you to take control of your retirement income, pay less tax and avoid running out of money. It makes understanding what you can get in retirement, given what you already have and what more you can build up, as simple as possible.

It’s easy to show you how much your pension pots may be at retirement and many sites do, but this doesn’t help you know how to actually take money from them when you do retire to get what you want.

Guiide is different, not only does it show how your pots may build up, it gives you a yearly or monthly plan of how to take money from them to get the income you want after tax. This doesn’t just include your pension pots, but everything else you have to put towards an income in retirement as well, such as the state pension, final salary pensions, savings and any other income.

You can also test to see what happens if things don’t go to plan and track your plan whenever you want to see if everything is still expected to work out.

Best of all, it costs you nothing at all to use, no one off costs or monthly subscription fees.

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