Guiide was thought up, built and designed by us with the sole aim of helping you to improve your retirement outcome at no cost.

When the pension freedoms were introduced, individuals suddenly had a lot more choice when they reached retirement as to how to take all the pension pots they had built up.

However, accessing these freedoms brings with it the risk of not getting the income you want in retirement, paying lots of tax and charges, or worse still, running out of money.

Currently a large proportion of people who access the pension freedoms and take their money flexibly do not take advice. There are sites that provide further helpful guidance such as the Money Advice Service that can help you further.

Given this, we believe that many people would benefit from having the right tools to plan and manage their retirement income themselves, rather than just wing it with no plan.

Best of all, it costs you nothing at all to use, no one off costs or monthly subscription fees.

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